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Welcome, Tervetuloa! Here you are able to find some artwork made by me in addition to some info about me and my skillset.

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Hello there! I’am Juho Röyhy. I love doing branding, UX & UI design, animation, 3D. Basicly anything visual that could make someone WOW.

At the moment I work at eCraft as Art Director. I graduated as Engineer of Mediatechnology from Lahti University of Applied sciences in spring 2014. My studies focused mostly on 2D and 3D visualization. 

I have been doing graphic design as a hobby for over 10 years. I like to spend my freetime with my friends playing sports, watching movies and playing computer games.

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I have always loved everything visual. Below you find timeline where I have placed some important events regarding my development as professional.


First webpage

I created my first personal website. It was so cool, atleast in the mind of 7 year old.


First game

After trying out some Games Factory games I got intrested myself and started creating games of my own.


First php scripts

Our clan needed interactive webpage from which matches could be easily added and edited. I studied basics of php and created my first application ‘cms for clans’.


Video editing

I got interested by frag highlite videos and started making them myself. Therefore making tracking shots and post-processing videos came familiar to me already early on.


Interface design

I created my first user interface designs for webpages and game huds.


Level design

First I got intrested about texturing and re-texturing from which I got slowly dragged towards level designing. In period of few years I created few maps of which some are still being played.



I decided to pursue studies of Mediatechnology. After applying it shortly became clear that I was chosen and therefore I started studying Mediatechnology in Lahti University of Applied Sciences in 2010.



Vincigates was the first advertising agency where I professionally worked. After a month of internship I was hired as Graphic Designer and Front-End developer for rest of the summer.



In the spring of 2013 Avenla was place to be. I worked at Avenla as UI & UX designer, 3d artist and front-end developer.


Bachelor Degree

I graduated from Lahti University of Applied Sciences as Bachelor of Mediatechnology.


Nordic Creative Talent Award 2015

Swedish advertising agency signed me up for this competition after seeing my Behance profile. The purpose of this competition is credit and bring young designers to spotlight. It is hosted by Adobe and I was chosen by jury to be one of the 12 finalists.



I started in February 2016 at eCraft in position of Art Director. My main responsibility is maintaining the brand and visuals of eCraft.


My know-how specializes in digital production of visual content, but I am also fluent speaker of front-end, meaning that programming is nothing new to me. From software perspective the most familiar softwares to me are Adobe Creative Suite and Blender.

In graphics my strengths are UI & UX design, post-processing, 3d modeling and rendering. In addition to those I’m often doing graphic design and animation. From technical standpoint my strong-point is front-end developing meaning mostly using html5 + less / sass + jQuery to generate beautiful and websites and mobile apps.

I have also been developing for many of the most popular CMS systems. Concrete5, Magento, Umbraco and WordPress are systems I know thoroughly. In addition to those three I ‘am also familar with Joomla, Drupal, Squarespace and DotNetNuke.


  • 3d3d visualization
  • uiUser Interface
  • printPrint media
  • printGraphic Design
  • animaatiotAnimations
  • valokuvausPhotography


  • html5

  • css3 / less

  • jQuery

  • php

  • mysql

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From Gallery you find samples of my personal works.

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I'am always open to new possiblities and feedback, if you have something in your mind dont be a pussy and just contact!